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Frodaddy - WOOP's First Video Disc Jockey


Jeff Rentfro was born and ("rear"ed!) in Cleveland, TN, as he takes claim as bein' the original JACK"ASS" around these parts, regardless of claims from others in the industry. His nickname has been "FRO" for as long as he can remember, so "FROdaddy" seemed a natural fit on the radio. "FRO" has had many stints through the years on RADIO as well as TV, of course none of them were payin' gigs, or were even remotely successFOOL, so when this DJ position opened up at the WOOP, hey, who better?

The Matadoor aka The Poon Jab of Javapour

The Matadoor

Cleveland's own Randy Jarrett is the doorman at the Bistro. He is the "matadoor" because he guards the "door" and the "mat" and he is like a matador because the people charge into the Bistro like bulls. Stay tuned, cuz when The Matadoor is on the air, WOOP has no clue as to what he will say next.

Johnny B. Jonesy

Johnny B. Jonesy
......he only shows up when he wants to.

He never comes in long enough to get his picture made.  Use to come in at 6p but now who just have to be listening ALL the time to ever catch him!  Pic of Johnny B headed to the Cleveland High school prom.  Johnny B on left, unidentifed female on right!


Debbie Moore

Ron Moore

Old Town Cleveland

Join Ron and Debbie Moore every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. to relive the history of Cleveland, Bradley County, and the surrounding area.  You will hear stories about the places, people and things that helped shape our home town.

Debbie Moore has been a teacher for 30 years in the local school system. In addition, she serves as the President of the Bradley County Genealogy Society.  Debbie is an avid researcher of local history and has become nicknamed “The Graveyard Diva” for all her work in locating and finding lost graveyards.  She has written several family history books.

Ron Moore worked for the local cable company for over 20 years before retiring in September of 2000.  He now works for East Tennessee State University and is very active in supporting local high school sports. Ron also enjoys researching history and likes finding the “untold stories”.  Debbie says, “He can remembers tons of old knowledge but is not sure when her birthday is.”  Ron also played for many years for the local music group Tennessee T.


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